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              GIYA UG ABAG SA HAMUGAWAY NGA UGMA PARA SA MALAHUTAYONG KALAMBUAN (GAHUM) is brought about due to the intense desire of the Municipal Government of Santiago to make its development workers effective in their endeavor to help the people’s organization/cooperatives become capable of implementing projects that would bring them to the progress that they are dreaming of.

             This is a product of collective ideas and concepts of some heads of office and ordinary employees from the different departments that have a stake in enabling the groups of small farmers and fisher folks who are the number one stakeholders in achieving our socio-economic development goals.

            This program seeks to institutionalize empowerment at the barangay level. It hopes to enhance the initial process of empowering particularly our People’s Organization through direct participation in the program in the program of the government to become active partners in the delivery of the basic services in the community.


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